About DS Tools

DS Tools is trading name and is part of Direct Store UK Ltd, the retail & wholesale company of DIY tools & home improvement goods.

From hand tools, power tools, PPE to pipe fitting & household, DS Tools offers over 1000 products for retail, available to order online with free, fast, nationwide delivery

DS Pro is Direct Store UK’s trade and wholesale division, supplying our product range B2B. So you’re an online seller, Amazon or ebay seller, high street hardware merchant or want to buy in bulk quantities for trade use, simple click on the DS Pro icon and open an account today.


To supply the nation and affordable product range & free fast shipping, to get the job done.

We also want to help other small businesses by competing against some of the bigger cooperation in the sector. This includes local high street merchants & online sellers.

How do we aim to bring our vision to life?

DS Tools source products from around the world from established manufacturers & suppliers and stock them in our UK based distribution centre.

Our research found no one likes to pay for delivery so guest what, we scrapped it! Free delivery for all! Also, who wants to wait for their goods to arrive? No one… so at DS Tools we offer expedited delivery services for free!

“United we stand”- We buy in bulk so you don’t have to. DSpro customer benefit:

  1. Make purchases from one supplier rather then multiple supplier (who may have large minimum order requirements)
  2. Reduce money tied up in inventory, by purchasing in small bulk quantities more frequently, with our low minimum order value.
  3. Compete against the bigger high street cooperation. We don’t supply them. We focus on the smaller local merchants & business.

DS Recycling for Greener Future

DS Tools works with local businesses in efforts to reduce packing material such as cardboard, bubble wrap, peanut, brown paper and more ending up in landfill. Most packing material is only used once and then thrown away with regular waste. This packing material may still be good and be used again.

We collect reusable packing material that may end in landfill and use it alongside our regular packing to provide protection for customers orders during transit from our warehouse to the customers front door. Other benefits are that the cost of shipping is reduced, which helps in providing customers with free shipping.

Our warehouse is currently supplied by renewable energy from our energy provider.

In 2020 we started our transition from Co2 emitting vehicles to fully electric vehicles and continuing to modernise our fleet this way.

We will continue to work our mission to reduce our carbon footprint as we grow for a greener future.