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Everbuild masking tape trade-25mm-38mm-50mm-75mm

Everbuild Masking Tape 38mm x 50m

  • Paint masking
  • can be left on for up to 3 days without leaving residue
  • Size: 38mm x 50m
£4.98 (inc. VAT)

Everbuild Masking Tape 50mm x 50m

£6.69 (inc. VAT)

Tolsen Masking Tape 36mm x 30m

With excellent heat resistance, fast paste, easy to peel off and tear, writing conveniently, soft and tender

No residue after peeling off

Ideal for surface masking protection, powder spraying, baking finish, paint coating masking application

Size: 36mm x 30m
1.42″ x 32.8yards

£5.98 (inc. VAT) Read more

PTFE Tape 12mm x0.075mm 10M x 10 Rolls

STRONG & TIGHT SEAL: secure tape thread helps prevent leaks on pipes and plumbing
EASY TO APPLY: elastic less sticky on the fingers and easy to remove
COMPATIBLE: with all types of pipe threads for hundreds of applications
DURABLE: Teflon tape will not harden or crack anytime
Size: 12mm x 0.075 mm x 10m x 0.35g / cm³

£5.98 (inc. VAT)

Tolsen Bopp Brown Packing Tape 48mm x 50m

  • Superb tack & adhesion
  • Package sealing
  • Colour: Brown
  • Size: 48mm x 50m
£4.98 (inc. VAT) Read more

Tolsen Cloth Duct Tape 48mm x 25mm

  • Textile fabric cloth backed tape
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Reinforce protection of pipes & various objects
  • Ideal for as a packing tape, carpet joint
  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 48mm x 25mm
£5.98 (inc. VAT) Read more

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