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Carpenters pincer pliers- 200mm-8inch-nail-screw-remover-pryer-10045

Tolsen Carpenter Pincers (INDUSTRIAL) 200mm [8″]

  • Forged steel, black finish
  • Dipped handle
  • Size: 8″ [200mm]
£8.98 (inc. VAT)

Tolsen Aluminium Utility Knife

TOLSEN Team has strict requirements for product quality. This Box cutter make of high quality aluminum body and 420 stainless steel blade head, stainless steel blade, wear and rust resistance that making it suitable in cutting carpet, paper, plastic leather, rope, carton box, etc.

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Glass cutter-pen-41031

Tolsen Glass Cutter Pen Premium 175mm

  • Plastic handle
  • Steel cutting wheel & blade
  • Size: 178mm
£5.98 (inc. VAT)

Tolsen Tinman’s Snips 10″ [250mm]

  • Drop forged carbon steel
  • Dipped handle-comfort grip
  • ‘No-nip’ feature protection
  • Cuts: metal sheets
  • Size: 250m [10″]
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Snips & Scissors