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Tolsen Cable Tie Nylon 4.8 x 300mm 50pcs

Made of industrial strength nylon 6/6 fire resistant material, and can be used in temperatures ranges from 040F to +185F (440C to +85C), weather resistant and outdoor in direct sunlight application is not an issue.
Heat resistant & Heavy Duty: Black Cable Ties are safe to use even when the cables ties or other objects get heated up inadvertently from time to time. Outdoor application in direct sunlight is OK
Easy to use: binding what you want to sort out, and then put the wrap wire into the head, self-locking design, make it tidy and organised
Self-locking Fastener Design, Strong durable powerful lock, easy handling and prevent snagging in tight.

£3.98 (inc. VAT)
Cable tie set 1200pcs- bulk pack-Tolsen-50140

Tolsen Nylon Mixed Cable Tie Set 1200pcs

  • Made from nylon 66
  • 2.5 x 100mm x 300pcs white
  • 2.5 x100mm x 300pcs black
  • 2.5 x100mm x 100pcs yellow
  • 2.5 x100mm x 100pcs blue
  • 3.5 x200mm x 400pcs white
  • 4.6 x300mm x 100pcs white
£9.98 (inc. VAT)

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